MINESAFE is a web based centralized database application for mine safety. The system is designed to collect all the information related to injuries, incidents, inspections and safety meetings for a mine.

Centralized Data. Eliminate the cost of installation and training of a server at each site. Minesafe is designed to collect all data from multiple mine locations and store it on a single server.

Tracking. Minesafe can query extensive information related to safety, inspections and meetings for any given time period. One could even track down the safety records of a new employee if he was transferred from another mine.

Web Based. Minesafe uses the latest .NET technology by Microsoft. Complex installations have been eliminated due to the software's web based design. All you need is your favorite browser and access to the server website.

Statistical Analysis. Tabulating reports is a worry free feature with Minesafe. Statistical analysis can be easily generated with the report feature. The user can specify to extract data from any time frame. These reports vary from percentage of body part injured to number of injuries for each department or supervisor.

Portability. All print outs generated by Minesafe are in the PDF format. This allows the user to print or save all the reports that might be needed for reviewing offline. Because the files are saved in PDF, this allows the user to read the files on any platform that supports the PDF standard.

Action Items. When an injury or incident occurs, different tasks might have to be done to prevent it from happening again. With MineSafe, all action items work will be emailed to the person responsible with the information of the task at hand. When this person logs onto the system, all uncompleted tasks are displayed.

For more info please contact : minesafe@flairbase.com