Software products and services for the Mining industry.
Streamline your operations using our state of the art products in the areas of mine design, production, resource evaluation and interpolation, drilling, blasting, scheduling, mine safety and much more !
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FLAIRBASE offers the mining industry, state-of-the-art software products and services, in the areas of: mine design, resource evaluation and interpolation, drilling and blasting, scheduling, document management, emissions control, mine production data entry and reporting, mine safety, and much more.

Our Amine product is the original mine design software for the AutoCAD platform. Its user-friendly visual interface allows you to manage your drawings, designing your layouts, evaluate your resources, work in 3D or with 2D sections, design your drilling and blasting layouts, perform automated surveys, and much more.

Our SIMS product is a mine production management system that keeps track of all your mining activities, equipments, locations, people, and consumables, allowing you to take control of your costs and your resources,

Our dedicated team of engineers, geologists, developers and technicians can also provide you with timely consultation and training services, and with products customized to your specific needs.